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www.private-equity-china.com is a network where capital-seeking private individuals or enterprises (entrepreneurs) can find investors, private financiers, sleeping or active partners or buyers. The principle is simple, clear and unbureaucratic. Enterprises search for capital. Investors search for investments.

Behind private equity china stand experts who have worked for nearly three decades in all areas of banking, finance, investment, development and real estate. Many operate as investors and business angels internationally. We make use of this experience in private equity china.

private equity china is aimed internationally and appeals to investors who require a large choice in lucrative investment possibilities in the free economy. Investors can find at private equity china possibilities in start-ups, existing enterprises, project financing, p2p lending, real estate, business divisions from farming to e-commerce. Inclusive of this private equity china also serves as a resource for our own choice of investments. Almost every entry is also examined from the perspective of own financial engagement.

As company headquarters Malta was chosen.

Malta is a member of the EU since 2004 and has - although it is a very small country - developed as an important center for international financial transactions. Due to favorable tax rates and a stable real estate situation Malta has accumulate funds from international investors. Furthermore, almost 900 companies operate in the gaming industry from this small island. It is a market measured in the billions, and deserves to be reinvested. Last but not least, tourism plays with all its facets in Malta a dominant role. All together Malta has mastered the economic crises of the last decades considerably better and without the damage suffered by most other European countries. Should you have an interest in founding a company in this interesting economic location, we would be pleased to offer our assistance.

private equityaa china status as an experienced business angel brings us into contact with many international investors with interesting investments. Because of our decades of activity in the finance world we have international relationships with investors from all continents.

Visit us and open your business contacts with investors from all over the world!
private equity china - individually, unbureaucratic, independent of banking.

Are there questions which you have not found an answer to? Maybe you find this answers in >>FAQ`s<< or in our >>Finance blog<<. Or you simply send us an individual inquiry via our >>contact form<<.

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